Monica Redden

Nothing but 100% amazing things to say about Megan and Progressive Strides! How much her passion shines through working with children and horses. Her knowledge of sensory and OT has brought awareness to our family so that we can help our little guy in all ways! Megan has the patience and understanding we look for in providers who service our son because of his sensory needs. She has been a great service in our family’s life and honestly don’t know where we would be if she didn’t come into our lives.

Jordan Marczewski

For the past few months, I shadowed Megan as a student and had an amazing experience. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in her field, and she strives for her patients’ success. Megan was sure to explain therapy sessions in a way the parents and I could easily understand. In the time I observed hippotherapy, I saw patients’ progress within one session. Progressive Strides,LLC provides an amazing experience and I hope to volunteer again with her soon!

Melissa Zmuda

My son worked with Megan for several years. She is always so patient, kind, and child focused. She’s extremely knowledgeable, and her suggestions for things to try at time are always spot on. She has a passion for what she does, and it shines through in every session. My son still talks about his sessions with Ms. Megan. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with her is very lucky. I highly recommend Progressive Strides!