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Outdoor Therapy


There is a growing body of research to support the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors and experiencing nature. Everything from gaining trust and feelings of empowerment to various health benefits associated with fresh, moving air and ridding of germs. At Progressive Strides we believe children need to experience their primary occupation (play) in the most natural setting in order to experience true intrinsic motivation and growth in skill and development. The inherent and natural qualities of outdoor experiences cannot be fully simulated in an indoor setting. There is not only that of natural texture exploration such as the feeling of grass on your feet or the soft hair of an animal friend, but also that of natural consequences associated with moving too quickly toward an animal and having them retreat, moving you further from your goal of petting or feeding them, therefore teaching you self-regulation and monitoring. These examples only skim the surface of the therapeutic benefits associated with the outdoor, natural environment. Although as parents we try to make sure we are balancing screen time and play time, in a society surrounded by every growing technology, this becomes difficult for us and for our children. At The Farm, children and adults alike can break free from the hold of technology and experience play in its purest and natural form.  By experiencing play in this way, unmasked and raw, children are able to grow and develop in their time and their space. Come experience the magic of the outdoors!

The use of horses as a therapeutic tool can often be referred to as hippotherapy. 'Hippo' is the Greek term for 'Horse.' Therefore in its original form, use of the horse in therapy was referred to as Hippotherapy. It is important to understand that Hippotherapy is not a separate type of therapy; it simply is a way to classify a tool that we use within an occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy session. Using the natural and therapeutic movement and characteristics of a specific horse in order to help children meet their therapy goals has been growing in popularity  over the last decade. The benefits of the horse have been well documented in research over this time.

See our education page for more details on this unique tool that we may use during therapy sessions. 

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