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What You'll Get! 

Individualized evaluation session with a licensed occupational therapist to identify strengths and challenges for your child 


Collaborative phone consultation with the therapist in order to develop an individualized plan of treatment based on the challenges and strengths identified. After this session, you will receive a written document for personal reference or submission to your child's outside providers or school district.

45-Minute individualized sessions with a licensed Occupational Therapist working toward your child's individual goals, outdoors and in nature. Some sessions may include the use of equine movement if appropriate to patient goals and outcomes.

Personalized home exercise programs for carry over of strategies in the home and other outdoor settings

Progress reports on your child's progress provided at the end of an 8 week session

Access to private consultation calls with your child's therapist to answer questions and collaborate for support in home and school settings


Progress takes time...

Committing to your therapy goals is a responsibility we take very seriously. We spend countless hours planning treatment sessions and strategies unique to each and every client. Committing to regular sessions and home exercises will increase outcome potential. Therapy packages and committing to regular attendance will not only save you money but give you the best opportunity toward reaching individual goals.

Find out more information!

Please call for more information on our groups and assistance in determining which group might fit your child's needs.

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