Meet The Team


Megan has been an occupational therapist since 2011. She specializes in pediatrics and has a passion and energy that is contagious. When she isn't having fun with patients, she is enjoying life at home with her sweet 2 year old son Beau and husband Mike. She also has a passion for wellness through Holistic Health Alternatives including Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils. 


Mallory received her doctorate in physical therapy from Marquette University in 2007. She has worked in a variety of physical therapy settings, from outpatient adults to school-based PT. She has focused on pediatrics over the past 5 years treating kids from birth through high school. Progressive Strides is a perfect match as Mallory believes kids learn best through natural exploration and physical play. As an animal lover, she recognizes the benefits of utilizing animals to help children grow and thrive. When not at work you can find her enjoying the great outdoors with her family.


Christina graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work from Illinois State University and with her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. She went on to obtain her clinical license (LCSW) in 2018. Christina has worked in a school setting for 10 years and has a passion and desire to help children and their families to be successful in their lives. She loves to help others to embrace their feelings and work through them. She is excited to provide a safe, therapeutic place for children and adults to work through their feelings, problems, and life struggles.

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Caelen is a pre-OTA student at MCC. She currently assists us in providing outdoor therapy here at the farm as a therapy aide. Caelen is an outgoing, nature enthusiast who loves hiking, walking, and biking. In her downtime, she also enjoys getting lost in a great book, sometimes even two books at once!

Caelen loves to bake and cook, especially new recipes, such as making bread from scratch!! She is passionate about travel, her pup and learning new things!!

She has worked with children in other capacities including church, camps, and babysitting. We are so lucky to have her here with us!


Ruby is a sweet and solid team member. She has a calm demeanor that makes her a beautiful partner for friends that are experiencing sensory and behavior challenges. She has great movement and enjoys hanging with her best friend Sunny when she is off the clock!  :)


Pebbles is a feisty and fun miniature horse. She came to our farm from the Hooved Animal Humane Society. She was rescued and we couldn't be more thrilled! Her feisty and fun attitude brightens everyone's day!

Xena (or ZZ) is a sweet mare with a great love for children. She is a worker bee and loves to be busy. Xena has a history of ranch work out west before coming here to be a trick horse with the Midwest Renegades! Since retiring from trick, she enjoys drill team performances and therapy in her spare time


Thor the Thumper is our resident sweet heart. This cuddly bunny loves to snuggle and thumb when he hops! This guy is a fabulous people pleaser who is always learning new tricks! 


Sunny is a silly and personable horse. He loves snuggles and he licks like a dog! He is famous for untying ropes, unlocking gates and coming up with elaborate adventures for him and his friends when his owners are away :) Sunny used to be a pony horse at Arlington Race track before heading here to the farm. He is fantastic  at making kids laugh and feel loved


Declan (Dex) was graciously donated to our program from Erin Hirsch from Deer Run Farm in Barrington. He is a sweet boy who loves to lick hands! He is a small pony with a big personality! 

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Sienna is our newest addition to our therapy partners. She used to work a ranch down in Texas. She is one of the younger members of  our herd at 7 years old. This girl is all about people! She loves to watch everyone and everything. She also enjoys being a part of all of the action. She is confident and spunky.