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Meet The Team


Megan has been an occupational therapist since 2011. She specializes in pediatrics and has a passion and energy that is contagious. When she isn't having fun with patients, she is enjoying life at home with her sweet 5 year old son Beau,, 1yr old daughter, Walker Rose, and her husband Mike. She also has a passion for wellness through Holistic Health Alternatives including Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils. She practices Yoga and meditation daily at home and loves to challenge herself with new adventures! 


Caelen graduated from MCC in 2022 with her associate of science degree. She is currently taking a gap year to figure out which one of her passions she wishes to pursue. She has loved digging into nutrition and learning about how food can directly affect overall health. She’s loved learning and sharing with others all the information she has encountered. She also would love to own a coffee shop one day! Where she can combine several of her passions all in one spot!

In her spare time she loves to cook and bake new recipes. She has ventured into different types of bread making and recently has been trying out making her own kombucha! She also loves to be outside hiking alongside her pups! She just got a new little one and is excited to start puppy training all over again. When she wants some more calm downtime, she loves to pick up a good book and get lost in it! 

Caelen has worked in a variety of settings and one of her passions is working and being around children! She has worked with them in different capacities including church, camps and nannying. She loves watching children grow and learn more about the world through everyday experiences. There’s nothing like watching life happen through the lens of a child!


Kaleigh is a middle school student. She is a lover of all things horse! She is a skilled rider and enjoys jumping and riding drill team on her horses.  Kaleigh is fantastic with children and engages in session activities. 

In her spare time, Kaleigh loves to ride horses and wants to swim in the ocean with her horse someday. Kaleigh also enjoys socializing and hanging out with her friends. She has a huge heart! 


Joe is a high school student who is full of life and fun! He started volunteering last year and has quickly become like family! Children adore him and often ask for him to come to all of their sessions! 

In his spare time, Joe enjoys fishing with friends. He also leads Awana Club at Harvest Bible Chapel for young kids! 

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